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Collection: The Plated Safe™ - A Patented Security Product

Using the outlet cover as a diversion. The Plated Safe™ is a security product that hides valuables in the wall. Yet, having easy access to retrieve them. The faceplate cover looks like any common wall outlet. Its appearance has actual inlets to give it that best look. The magnets allow the faceplate cover to be removed from the storage box. Allowing valuables to be placed in or out. The faceplate cover reconnects magnetically to the storage box. Now the valuables are hidden and safe. The Plated Safe™ doesn’t lock, its disguised is its only defense. It’s easy to install, to use, and it’ll be reliable. Some products might be shipped separately. Different products have different shipping times. Please understand

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  • The Plated Safe™ - A Wall Outlet Hide Away
    The Plated Safe™ - A Wall Outlet Hide Away
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