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Our story started on a home project. When a wall was being taken down. I remember looking in between the walls. Thinking “What a waste of empty space, and is there any use for it.” That was when a thought became an idea. We have designed a new product to concealed valuables. It’s a storage box that hides contents in its chamber while using the outlet cover as a diversion. Since this product has to be installed into the wall, we have worked on making it an easy install. We called this new product “The Plated Safe™” with this easy install it’ll fit, will work, and will be reliable. Our patents will allow us to expand our future collection. Making different variations and sizes.

Company then used its very own trademark designs to create Faceplatez the brand. Now available for everyone to see & shop.

Faceplatez symbolizes: If You Don’t Look Close Enough You’ll Miss It! 

Finally, Company put together a great selection of security products & 3d custom art to create Faceplatez the store. Also available for everyone to see & shop. We are currently a young brand with a long term vision. As we grow, so will The Plated Safe™ collection.

Faceplate Techologies was established in 2014. Introduced The Plated Safe™ in 2018, and launched Faceplatez in 2019. The Plated Safe™ is made in the USA. If you try it, you’ll use it, after a while you’ll trust it, and then you’ll rely on it. Faceplatez is a young brand. So grow with us. Support, Follow, and Share. Thank you for the store visit. Enjoy your shopping!


Edward Gutierrez    

Faceplate Techologies