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FAQ on the new patented product The Plated Safe™

Q: Where can I install The Plated Safe?

A: It needs to be installed into the wall, designed for drywall using 2x4 wood frames and greater.

Q: What about other then drywall?

A: Yes, different tools may be required.

Q: How do I know if my walls are 2x4 or greater?

A: Measure a door frame, the width should exceed 4” Most homes are built with 2x4 wood frames and greater. Mobile homes and RV’s might be the exception.

Q: How would I know if there’s any pipes or wires in the wall?

A: It’s really hard to know what’s inside the walls. Try to stay away from connecting back walls to bathrooms, kitchens, and even laundry rooms.

Q: Any recommended locations?

A: All interior walls will work. Bedroom and closets work very well. Careful on exterior walls do to insulation, and moisture/fire barriers.

Q: What’s the skill level for installation?

A: This product is an easy install. No skill needed.

Q: What tools do I need for the install?

A: Stud finder, Tape, Utility Knife, and Screwdriver.

     No Electric tools needed nor recommended.

Q: The box doesn’t fit the cut out hole?

A: The template is measured to exact with a little play on each side. With the utility knife shave the side that’s tight. If not sure shave 2 connecting sides.

Q: My install looks crooked or uneven?

A: When dealing with a 5” line, it’s easy to mistake it for being leveled. Use a leveler for a better looking install.

Q: Why is it loose when I plug something in?

A: The outlet is designed for a loose fit. For a tighter fit press the prongs together before inserting.

Q: Does it lock?

A: The Plated Safe does not lock. It’s disguise is it’s only defense.